There's a chill in the air and it feels like Winter is on its way.  Tulips, iris. freesia and hyacinths are now available.

Roses have been readily available throughout April, although growers have been battling the weather with the extraordinary amount of rain and humidity that we have had.  There has been botrytis on some of the roses and some of the gerberas, particularly from Sydney.  Roses from Melbourne have been beautiful, and not weather affected.  Although scarce at the beginning of march, by mid month the roses are back in full swing after the trauma for being harvested so hard for Valentines Day, and the second flush of reds are appearing now.  The wet weather has meant some issues for one of the rose farms we buy from with some botrytis spoiling crops.

David Austin roses have been beautiful this month and have used some lovely roses in the weddings lately.  The supply has been a little patchy though, and some weeks it has been harder to source the David Austins than others.

Lisianthus is slowing down now, with fewer available, and some farms finished with their crops.

Dahlias continue to be lovely.  There is a good range of pinks, burgundies and whites with a great range in head size, from the small pom poms styles to the beautiful large ones.  I did not see a great number in the orange and yellow range.  From the same farm we are getting lovely gloriosa lily. 

Only imported callas have been available, and not a great range.  Not all colours in the callas have been available.    White arums have been scarce, although they should be in full swing by now... there has been some green goddess available.  Hydrangeas have finished.

Snaps are still available.  The delphinium has been lovely - mainly whites and purples.  Delphinium has been scarce, but managed to get a few bunches for orders. Stock seems to be starting now.   Babies breath has been readily available. Stephanotis has finished.

Birds of paradise are available. Carnations, including green trick, have been available.  Marguerite daisies have been available.

Orchids, lilies and gerberas are readily available. 

Sea holly, banksias (2-3 types) and leucadendron are available.  Kings proteas have been available, as have pink ice protea.  There is no wax flower, no blushing bride, no flannel flower and the like.


Privet berries has been available, as has snow berry although that has finished at the end of April.  Hanging amaranth has started. Peris has not been available.  Lotus pods are becoming more scarce and only found a few.  There are some browned pods around.