November 2014 has seen beautiful peonies.  The colour range has been spectacular, but the numbers very limited of the rarer colours. 

Davids Austin roses started last month in October, and have been readily available this month.  We have a new supplier this season, and her David Austins have been long stem and lovely!

Spring flowers are well and truly on their way out.  Although we have been able to source some freesias for weddings, they have been harder to get and quick to open.  Daffodils, jonquils and anenomes have definately finished and no longer available.  

Roses in general have been abundant and beautiful.

Lisianthus have not yet been available but hopefully will be by the end of the month.

Marshmallow arums, green goddess and white arums have been available. Locally grown calla lilies have not yet become available.

Lilies have been readily available.  November lilies are, of course, lovely and available.

Singapore orchids are still available.  The phalaenopsis have been stunning, with a lovely colour range.  We are still getting the last of the locally grown cymbidium orchids but the colour range has become more limited.  The imported cymbidium orchids are around.

The hydrangea started in ernest this month.  So far mostly green and white but hoping for a better colour range by the end of the month.

Stephanotis been hard to get so far but jasmine has been available.

King protea, queen protea, waratah (red and white), sea holly, leaucadendron, banksia, pincushions, wax flower, thrypomene, paper daisies and kangaroo paw has been available.  I have had trouble getting flannel flowers. Blushing bride and erica has not been around, and I’ve had trouble getting grevillea.  There has been a good range of nuts (but no tetra nuts).  No flowering gum yet.

Delphinium, stock and snap dragons have been beautiful.  Poppies have finished.  Lavender is now available, but  lily of the valley is thin on the ground. Had trouble getting gardenia.

Carnations, alstromeria, babies breath, gerbera and chrysanthemum have been around.

Gloriosa lily has yet to start but hopefully is available by the end of the month.

We did have some ivy berry early in November. Bruneii has been available all month.  Pieris is tapering off. Hypericum (imported) has been available.

Vibernum, magnolia and camellia have been a little soft and with yellow tones.