There is one thing that must be available on 14 February and that is red roses.  That also means that for the rest of the month red roses are rare and expensive.  Its rare beforehand as growers have cut back their rose bushes and trying to time the flowering in time for Valentine's Day, and rare afterwards as they pick their crops so hard to get the numbers up.  

Roses in other colours have been readily available but with price increases leading up to the big day.  David Austins were available for some of February, but the hot weather has spoilt some crops.  There was a lovely range of mini roses available.

Lisianthus were beautiful and abundant, and a good flower choice for the hot weather.  The dahlias were lovely, in pinks, magentas, whites and yellows.  Hydrangea was hard to get.

Blue and purple delphinium has been thin on the ground (particularly the light blue), but the hybrid whites have been plentiful. 

Callas have been available in burgundy, oranges, yellows and creams. Chrysanthemum and carnations has been readily available.

Bird of paradise started back this month, and plenty of gladioli just in time for Chinese New Year.

Flowering gum has been lovely this month. Proteas, banksias, repens,  leucadendrons, grevillea, brunei and straw flowers have also been available.