Corsage... is it formal season??

December Formals in Canberra 

Corsages .. what are they and who wears them?

Corsages are given to girls attending school formals by their dates.  They are a small spray of flowers attached to an elasticised band and worn on the wrist.  They are a thoughful gift, especially when the boy buying the corsage manages to order one that matches or compliments the colours his date is wearing.

Choosing a corsage

Its important to find out in advance what the corsage will be worn with - the style of dress and most importantly the colour.  We can make corsages in modern styles (sleek, simple, few flowers) or traditional styles (more floral and pretty).  Having more or less foliage can also make a difference to how it looks - more leaves can look more modern, while less greenery and more flowers tends to be more traditional looking.  When you place the order, you can discuss colours.  Flowers come in a range of colours but not all flowers are small enough to suit a wrist corsage, and so the colour range may be a little limited.  Sometimes, when a good match cannot be found a complimentary colour can be chosen.  White is always a safe back up if the colour choice is difficult!

Flowers that suit a corsage

Small light flowers suit being worn on the wrist.  Commonly, singapore orchids and miniature roses are used, and both come in a wide range of colours.  Orchids are available in pinks, whites, yellows, reds, greens, oranges and purples.  Miniature roses in white, cream, pinks, oranges and reds.  Delphinium is available at the moment and comes in lovely shades of blue and white.

Corsage Bling

We can also add a range of sparkles, ribbons and glitter to add a little bling to the corsage.  When ordering you can request gold or silver adornments. 
Some corsages we have made this week for formals in Canberra.