Surviving Valentine's Day.....

For Boys with girlfriends - let's face it....  Valentine's Day is an important day for expressing your love.  Depending on your partner, this may have to be a public proclamation.  And I would say that in the majority of cases public acknowledgement of your love is critical.  You should have a restaurant booked, flowers organised, chocolates purchased and/or a nice bottle of champagne.  You may need to add a teddy bear and/or balloons.  Delivered to the workplace for greatest impact, where the most people possible will see how much you love your girl.  Remember, the bigger the bunch of flowers the better.

For Boys without girlfriends - lets look at Valentine's Day as an opportunity to woo one (or more) you like.  Prepurchase a few red roses and leave them lying around with a little message of love.  Or a delivery for more impact.  Special note here - there is no point being too anonymous here because the main aim is for her to know that you are interested and that you are a nice and thoughtful guy.  Tip - don't limit your options, deliver early, deliver often, the more targets the better.

For Boys with boyfriends - lets be politically correct here - read all the above and replace boy with girl.

For Girls with boyfriends - Although boys are not always expressive, what man would not be happy to receive a token of love on this day.  Given their tendency towards embarrassment about public displays of affection I would suggest a less public display is appropriate.  ie this could be a roses on the pillow, chocolates, or a nice home cooked meal (or takeaway for those intimidated by masterchef)

For Girls without boyfriends - This can be a hard day for those not committed to coupledom.  It can be an opportunity to put out a few feelers to boys of interest with some red roses and a little message.  Again, remember not be be too anonymous here otherwise you'll never hook up.  If there are no prospects, order yourself some flowers with a sweet and cryptic message.  At least you won't have to walk out of work without a token of love under your arm.  Then go home and self medicate with your favourite alchohol.

For Girls with girlfriends - today you cannot br OTT.  Be extravagant and make sure your message of love is received loud and clear.