December 2012 saw the beginning of the calla season! The number of Sydney growers are diminished now, but luckily we are getting some lovely blooms from our grower.  There are some callas coming in from Melbourne, mostly yellow but blooms slightly misshapen from the transport process.


Marshmallow arums are still available, with beautiful large heads and lovely colour.

With the hot weather, peonies have finished.  I managed to find some for wedding that came in from Tasmania, but the colour range was limited to mid and light pink.  It was a little stressful trying to source!

Davids Austin roses are still available.  The colour range has been a little limited to the ivories and creams later in the month as the flush finished.  Roses in general have been beautiful, but some rainy weather caused issues with some field grown varieties.  Growers have started to think about cutting back for Valentines day but to date there has been plenty of red roses.

Stephanotis has been lovely.

The full range of lisianthus has been available, although the head sizes seem small this season.

Although I managed to get both freesia and iris, the poor things have not liked the heat.

Lilies have been readily available, with new and interesting colour ranges available in the orientals, the asiatics and the hybrids.  November lilies are, of course, lovely and available, and now called Christmas lilies!

Singapore orchids are still available.  The phalaenopsis have been stunning, with a lovely colour range.  We are still getting the last of the locally grown cymbidium orchids but the colour range has become more limited.  The imported cymbidium orchids are around.

The hydrangea is still available, mostly blues and some mauves.  The colour range improving week to week.  There is a little white, but have not yet seen pink.

Flannel flower, king protea, sea holly, leaucadendron, banksia, pincushions, tetranuts and kangaroo paw has been available.  Blushing bride and erica has not been around, and I’ve had trouble getting grevillea.  There has only been a limited range of banksia.

Delphinium and snap dragons have been beautiful.  The large hybrid delphinium giving us a great colour range in whites, blacks, purples,  mauves and blues.  Stock is now unavailable.

Gloriosa lilies have started just in time for Christmas.

Carnations, alstromeria, babies breath, chincherinchee, gerbera and chrysanthemum have been around.

Bruneii has been available all month, but not much berzilli.  Hypericum has started. Vibernum and camellia is back and looks good.  Magnolia has been lovely.

The Christmas foliages are now available - Christmas bush, holly and spruce, and with the smell of glitter spray in the air at the shop, it feels like Christmas is here!