At the beginning of December 2015 we have continued to have beautiful peonies from our flower growers, and Davids Austin roses have been readily available this month.

Roses in general have been abundant and beautiful.

Lisianthus are now in full swing, as are locally grown calla lilies.

Lilies have been readily available.  Christmas lilies are lovely and available.

Singapore orchids are still available.  The phalaenopsis have been stunning, with a lovely colour range.  Local cymbidium have finished but imported cymbidium orchids are around.

We continue to have beautiful hydrangea in pinks and blues, although white has been harder to get.

Christmas bells, king protea, leaucadendron, banksia, pincushions, wax flower, tetra nuts, thrypomene, verticordia, flannel flowers, Christmas bush and kangaroo paw has been available.  Flowering gum started this month. Standard eucalyptus foliage has been a little soft with new growth this month.

Delphinium and snap dragons have been beautiful.  Stock finished.  Lavender has been hard to get.

Carnations, alstromeria, babies breath, gerbera and chrysanthemum have been around.

Gloriosa lilies have been beautiful.

The Christmas foliages - spruce and holly have been available.  Bruneii has been available all month. Hypericum (imported) has been available.

Vibernum, magnolia and camellia have been a little soft but readily available.