With Valentine's day and many, many weddings in February this year, my blogging is a little delayed.  I can say that flower availability in February is dominated by one flower - the red rose!  Valentine’s Day eclipses everything and availability of flowers reflects not just supply but also demand. 


As every rose grower tries to time the rose crop to coincide with February 14th, the weather plays a great part in what’s around.  This year, growers on the whole seemed to time their rose flush perfectly, which means at the beginning of the month, red roses were thin on the ground, but by mid month they were plentiful but expensive.  After the 14th, where growers had picked their crops hard, the blooms were not quite so abundant.  Roses in other colours were readily available but with price increases leading up to the big day.  David Austins were available for most of February, but heavy rains spoilt the crops late in the month.

Lisianthus were beautiful and abundant, but again were off a bit late in February due to the weather.  The dahlias were lovely.  I also found beautiful hydrangea at the beginning of the month, but more difficult to find at the end of February.

I did have trouble getting blue flowers this month - there was very little blue delphinium around, although the purples and white were readily available.  Tulips were available but it is still a little early for them.

Callas were available at the beginning of February, but very few available by the end.  There were some imports around.  

Proteas, banksias and leucadendrons were available, although the colour ranges were a little limited.  The diversity of natives, however, seemed a little limited.