After the big day (Valentine's day), I had forgotten how hard to was to get nice roses, as all the growers have cut back their crops hard to extract maximum blooms for V. Day.  However, by the middle of March the roses are back in full swing and in fact, by the last week growers are offering good deals of beautiful roses as they get their second flush.

David Austin roses have been adversely affected by the weather and although they have been readily available at the beginning of the month, careful buying is needed as there is some botrytis on the blooms, and they need some cleaning up to remove the spotty petals.  They have proved hard to get by mid to late March.  The imports have started mid month, and there is now an even broader range of imported Davids on the market floor.  The local growers have only a few by the end of the month.

The lisianthus is still around, but tapering off a little.  The colour range is still good but the quantities on the market seem lower

Dahlias continue to be lovely.  There is a good range of pinks, burgundies and whites with a great range in head size, from the small pom poms styles to the beautiful large ones.  I did not see a great number in the orange and yellow range.

Tulips, iris and hyacinths are now readily available.  It's nice to feel the weather cooling off and seeing these bulb lines really makes it feel like a change in season.

Local callas are finished but there are a few imports in a limited colour range (needed to beg and plead to get enough white for weddings this month).  Hydrangeas are now scarce.  I managed to find a couple of bunches of white hydrangea for a wedding but it proved hard to come by. 

Snaps are still available.  The delphinium has been lovely - mainly whites and purples.  Had trouble finding blue butterfly although got a few bunches at the beginning of the month.

I had a few stock at the beginning of the month but none mid to late March.   I managed to get some stephanotis for a wedding but it has been badly weather affected.  Carnations, including green trick, have been available.

The range of natives is slowly improving, and I managed to get sea holly.  Banksias, leaucadendron is available.  Proteas are a little thin on the ground, as are repens. 

Orchids, lilies and gerberas are readily available.

Berries are limited to bruneii.  Peris has not been available, and I have had to use snow berry as a substitute.  I nearly gave up on getting lavender but managed to source some at the last minute.  Lotus pods are just starting to show some beautiful brown tones, and are still available.

Had a pomegranite wedding this month, and it turns out that the US pomegranites finish in late February and the locally grown pomegranites are not yet ready.  I managed to find the last box in Canberra!