Mothers Day is the big event for May for the florist industry.  Beautiful disbuds have been available, with our grower producing a lovely range of large polaris style chryssie - a perfect flower for mother's day with the size of a disbud but a stronger bloom less likely to shatter.  Our chryssie grower timed the mother's day crop to perfection with his crop numbers just tapering off in the last week of May.  Will probably have to consider imports from the first week of June.

Roses have been beautiful, with a lovely range of colours and flower head size improving with the cooler weather.  There has been a only a few of David Austin roses - both imports and locals.  Our Victorian supplier has picked a few of his exciting new colour range - large headed fragrant flowers.  The beautiful Amy Lou is pictured below (light pink) and Tenderness (white), both with lovely David Austin style blooms, large heads and lovely fragrance.

Although there are not many growers of lisianthus, our supplier continues to grow them and the colour range continues to be good, but numbers and colours are tapering off now at the end of the month.

Dahlias have finished, but tulips, iris and hyacinths are now readily available. It's nice to feel the weather cooling off and seeing these bulb lines really makes it feel like a change in season. We have also been getting freesias, but no ranunculus yet.

Only imported callas are available in a limited colour range.  Hydrangeas have finished. Snaps are still available.  Dephinium has been thin on the ground, but blue butterfly delphinium has started again in the last week of May.  The stock has started in full swing, and we have been getting a lovely colour range and with a beautiful fragrance. Carnations, including green trick, have been available.

The range of natives is slowly improving, and I managed to get sea holly, repens and proteas.  Banksia and leaucadendron have been available in a limited colour range.  Also managed to find straw flowers this month.  Kale started in earnest in the last week of the month, with the cooler temperatures bringing out lovely colouration.

We received our first poppies and daffodils in the last week of May.   

Orchids, lilies and gerberas are readily available.  Birds have also been readily available.

Privot berries started this month (black) and we have received a little bit of andromeda at the end of the month.