August has continued to give us poppies, sweet pea, daffodils, earlicheer, jonquils, freesias, hyacinth, tulips and iris.

Ranunculus started this month and have been beautiful, although the colour range has been a little limited. Lavender and anemone also started in August.

We have been getting locally grown roses, although the colour range and numbers have been limited.  For any big orders, we have had to top up with imports.  All the roses have had beautiful large heads and lovely quality.

Blue butterfly delphinium has been the only delphinium available, in royal blue, light blue and white.  Snap dragons and stock have also been beautiful.  Lily of the valley or hydrangea haven't started yet.

Orchids, oriental lilies, asiatic lilies, longiflorum lilies, carnations, alstromeria and chrysanthemum have been available.  Local cymbidium orchids have been fantastic, in a lovely colour range.

Gymea lilies have still been available this month.  Sea holly, blushing bride, banksias (coccinea, hookerania and menziesii), beautiful red and green leacadendron, berzillea and gumnuts have been available. Red wax bud and wax flower have both been available.  Pink boronia has started.  Proteas have been available.

Pink and white blossom branches has been available this month. Only some imported lisianthus and hypericum have been available.

Managed to buy imported David Austin style roses.