June has seen freesias, hyacinth, tulips and iris.  We have also had early daffodils and jonquils including beautiful fragrant earlicheer and silver chimes.  We have also had some lovely oramental kale in beautiful purples and greens.  We have not yet had any ranunculus or anemones.

 Roses have been lovely, with the cooler temperatures bringing on larger heads and deeper colours.  Lovely local babies breath has been available.

Birds of paradise have been available.

Blue butterfly delphinium has been the only delphinium available.  Snap dragons and stock have also been available.  We have been getting lovely sunflowers.  Gloriosa finished this month.

Orchids, oriental lilies, asiatic lilies, longiflorum lilies, carnations, alstromeria, and chrysanthemum have been available.  Local cymbidium orchids have started.

Banksias (coccinea, hookerania and menziesii) have been beautiful. Wax bud has been available but wax not yet.  Pink ice proteas, nerifolia protea and queen proteas have been available.  Teatree is abundant as are leucadendron.  We have started getting gymea flowers and blushing bride.  Managed to get a few bunches of kangaroo paw and gum foliage has been lovely.  Tetra nuts and gum nuts have been readily available.

Vibernum, magnolia, camellia, woolley bush, native cherry and afterdark foliages have been available.