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There is one thing that must be available on 14 February and that is red roses. That also means that for the rest of the month red roses are rare and expensive. Its rare beforehand as growers have cut back their rose bushes and trying to time the flowering in time for Valentine's Day, and rare afterwards as they pick their crops so hard to get the numbers up ensuring florists have plenty of rosesnfor your Valentine's Day flower delivery.
In general flower availability was affected by Covid-19 in past few years and the follow on effect is still flowing. With the huge cost in importing flowers from overseas and limited space on incoming flights demand for locally grown blooms has increased 10 fold. Luckily we have always sourced the majority of our flowers from Australian farms so we have been in good position throughout these last few years to be able to get a better variety of blooms but with the increased demand for Australian grown the prices of dramatically increased. The cost of running a business after the pandemic has also hit an all time high with much anxiety around covering all of the continuingly increasing costs while trying not to pass on to many of those cost to customers has been difficult and is felt all the way down the production line from the farms to the florist stores.
We found we were able to source the below this month.
Lisianthus were beautiful and abundant, and a good flower choice for warmer weather not that we have seen many hot days. The dahlias are lovely, in pinks, magentas, whites, oranges and yellows. Hydrangea has been stunning towards the start of the month.
Singapore orchids are still available. The phalaenopsis have been stunning, with a lovely colour range. Local cymbidium have finished but imported cymbidium orchids are around.
Blue and purple delphinium has been thin on the ground (particularly the light blue), but the hybrid whites have been plentiful. 
Callas have been available in burgundy, oranges, yellows and creams. We are getting carnations, alstromeria, gerbera, chrysanthemum, babies breath and asters.
Bird of paradise started back this month, and plenty of gladioli just in time for Chinese New Year.
Flowering gum has been lovely this month. Proteas, banksias, repens, leucadendrons, grevillea, brunei and straw flowers have also been available.
Lilies (oriental, asiatics) have been plentiful at market. We are not recommending oriental lilies for wedding bouquet in February as oriental lilies do not like temperatures over 30 degrees. They are fine for table arrangements in air-conditioned function rooms, or in a cool place in your home. Asiatics are a bit better in the heat, although still not the best choice - lisianthus or orchids are a safer bet for a hot day.
Agapanthus (purple, white)
Alstromeria (white, pink, green, red, yellow, orange)
Amaranthus (green, red)
Anthirium (white, salmon, pink, lime, red)
Asiatic Lilies (white, pink, orange, yellow, red)
Bouvardia (red, white, pink)
Birds of Paradise (orange/purple)
Banksia (various varieties in green, red, yellow, orange, brown, silver)
Celosia (various varieties - red, orange, yellow)
Chrysanthemum (various varieties - white, pink, red, green, yellow, lilac, orange)
Dahlia (white, pink, red, yellow, orange)
David Austin Roses (white, ivory, cream, pinks, reds)
Delphinium (butterfly or hybrid - white, blue, purple)
Daisy (yellow/white)
Freesia (white, pink, red, yellow, purple)
Frangipani (white/yellow, pink/orange)
Gloriosa (red/yellow)
Ginger Flowers (red, yellow, orange)
Gerbera (white, pink, orange, yellow, red)
Gladiolus (white, purple, green, pink, yellow, red, orange)
Gloxinia (pink, purple)
Grevillea (yellow, red, pink, orange)
Heliconia (red, orange, yellow)
Hydrangea (green, pink, purple, blue)
Jasmine (white/pink)
Kangaroo Paw (pink, green, red/green, black/green, yellow, orange, red)
Larkspur (white, pink, purple)
Lavender (purple)
Leucadendron (green, red, yellow)
Leucospernum (orange, red, yellow)
Lisianthus (white, pink, purple)
Lotus (pods green, flowers pink, white)
Dusty Miller foliage
Minature Roses (white, pink, yellow, orange, red, cream)
Mini Gerbera (white, red, orange, yellow, lemon, pink)
November Lily (white)
Oriental Lily (white, pink)
Phalaenopsis Orchid (white, lemon, green, pink)
Protea (various varieties - pink, white, red)
Red Hot Pokers (red/orange)
Roses (white, pinks, lavender, mauve, cream, orange, red, peach, yellow, lemon)
Siam Tulip (white/lime, pinks)
Stephanotis (white)
Singapore Orchid (white, green, pink, purple, red, yellow)
Statice (white, purple)
Sunflower (yellow, brown)
Snap Dragon (white, pink, orange, burgundy)
Tuberose (white)
Vanda Orchid (pink, red, orange, purple, yellow)
Waterlily (white, pink, yellow, purple)
- Skye x