November has so far seen many beautiful flowers. One of the most notable being the beautiful peonies from our flower growers. Davids Austin roses have been readily available this month and hydrangea has finally come in but with a slow start to the season due to the weather this season.

Spring flowers are well and truly on their way out, although we have been able to source freesias during the first half of the month.  Daffodils, jonquils and anenomes have definately finished and no longer available. Some native are becomming hard to get. Pink Ice protea and several banksia varieties finish towards the end of the month. Some Protea Venus, Candle Banksia and King Proteas are available but are a bit pricey.

Foliages have been available in abundance but quality control has been difficult due to the new spring growth. Especially different gum foliage varieties as the growers hold off cutting on the farms due to the new soft growth.  

Roses in general have been abundant and beautiful.

Lisianthus started towards the end of November, as have locally grown calla lilies.

Lilies have been readily available.  November lilies are, of course, lovely and available.

Singapore orchids are still available.  The phalaenopsis have been stunning, with a lovely colour range.  Local cymbidium finished by the start of this month but imported cymbidium orchids are around tho quite pricey.


Hydrangea with Snail

Waratah have been in abundance at the start of the month but expected to be scarce shortly, and paper daisies are expected to be finished by the end of the month. King protea, queen protea, leaucadendron, banksia, pincushions, wax flower, tetra nuts, thrypomene and kangaroo paw has been available.  Flannel flowers started this month. Blushing bride has been hard to get.  No flowering gum yet.

Delphinium and snap dragons have been beautiful.  Sunflowers have been stunning. Stock is expected to be finished by the end of November and poppies have long finished. Lavender is now available, and I have been able to source a few sweet peas for weddings.

Carnations, alstromeria, babies breath, gerbera and chrysanthemum have been around.

Gloriosa lily started mid November.

We did have some ivy berry early in November. Bruneii has been available all month. Hypericum (imported) has been available.

Vibernum, magnolia and camellia have been a little soft and with yellow tones, although vastly improved by the end of the month.

Flowers usually available in November in Canberra (and their colour range) are -

Agapanthus (purple, white)
Allium (purple) 
Alstromeria (white, pink, green, red, yellow, orange)
Anthirium (white, salmon, pink, lime, red)
Asiatic Lilies (white, pink, orange, yellow, red)
Amaryllis Lily (pink, red)
Bouvardia (red, white, pink)
Banksia (various varieties in green, red, yellow, orange, brown, silver)
Calla Lily (white, black, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow)
Chrysanthemum (various varieties - white, pink, red, green, yellow, lilac, orange)
Daisy (yellow/white)
David Austin Roses (white, ivory, cream, pinks, reds)
Delphinium (butterfly or hybrid - white, blue, purple)
Flannel Flower (white)
Gerbera (white, pink, orange, yellow, red)
Gladiolus (white, purple, green, pink, yellow, red, orange)
Gymea Lily (red)
Heliconia (red, orange, yellow)
Helleborus (green, purple)
Hydrangea (green, pink, purple, blue)
Jasmine (white/pink)
Iris (blue, purple, white, yellow)
Kangaroo Paw (pink, green, red/green, black/green, yellow, orange, red)
Larkspur (white, pink, purple)
Lavender (purple)
Leucadendron (green, red, yellow)
Leucospernum (orange, red, yellow)
Lisianthus (white, pink, purple)
Lotus (pods green, flowers pink, white)
Dusty Miller foliage
Minature Roses (white, pink, yellow, orange, red, cream)
Mini Gerbera (white, red, orange, yellow, lemon, pink)
November Lily (white)
Oriental Lily (white, pink)
Phalaenopsis Orchid (white, lemon, green, pink)
Peony (white, pinks)
Queen Anne’s Lace (white)
Roses (white, pinks, lavender, mauve, cream, orange, red, peach, yellow, lemon)
Ranunculus (white, pinks, orange, red, yellow)
Singapore Orchid (white, green, pink, purple, red, yellow)
Statice (white, purple)
Sunflower (yellow, brown)
Snap Dragon (white, pink, orange, burgundy)
Sweet Pea (white, pinks, purples)
Stock (white, purple, cream, pink)
Tulip (white, cream, pink, orange, yellow, red, purple)
Vanda Orchid (pink, red, orange, purple, yellow)
Violet (purple)