Covid-19 and rainy weather continue to impact the farms with prices driven up for all flowers to prices we have never before seen. These prices have also been heavily impacted by the rising costs of all materials and fuels. We are still committed to purchasing our flowers directly from as many farms as we can favouring locally grown blooms at our little store over imports as we have done since 1998.

Already this month we've had early jonquils, freesias, hyacinth, tulips, iris and a few sweet pea. We have also had some lovely oramental kale in beautiful purples and greens and although we are not expecting ranunculas or poppies until later in the month.

The roses have been lovely, with the cooler temperatures bringing on larger heads and deeper colours and lovely locally grown babies breath has started.
Imported Peonies have been available this month and have been available in stunning colours tho their price tags are extremely high the quality of the imports is expected to be the best towards the end of the month.
Birds of paradise have already been available for a few weeks.
Blue butterfly delphinium has been almost the only delphinium available and has been a little scarce with the cooler weather. Snap dragons and stock have also been available.
Orchids, asiatic lilies, longiflorum lilies, carnations, alstromeria, and chrysanthemum have been available. Our oriental lily supplier has had trouble on their farm in NSW with their pink lily batch this last few weeks but pink is readily available from other growers tho the quality of our NSW grower is hard for them to match. 
Local cymbidium orchids have started and are arriving in a stunning array of colours.
Local Yass grown dahlias have finished but we are able to still get some from our NSW farms.
Banksias (coccinea, hookerania and menziesii) have been beautiful. Wax bud has been available but wax not yet. Pink ice proteas, nerifolia protea and queen proteas have been available. Teatree is abundant as are leucadendron. We have started getting gymea flowers and blushing bride. Managed to get a few bunches of kangaroo paw, and gum foliage has been especially lovely. Tetra nuts and gum nuts have been readily available. We are still getting larger head king proteas in pink but grevillea has been a little scarce.
Vibernum, camellia, woolley bush, native cherry and afterdark foliages have been available with the magnolia from our Victoria grower especially lovely with beautiful dark velvet browns on the backs of the leaves.
The following flowers are generally available in June (colours available in brackets) -
Alstromeria (white, pink, green, red, yellow, orange)
Anthirium (white, salmon, pink, lime, red)
Asiatic Lilies (white, pink, orange, yellow, red)
Blossom (white, pink)
Bouvardia (red, white, pink)
Birds of Paradise (orange/purple)
Banksia (various varieties in green, red, yellow, orange, brown, silver)
Blushing Bride
Chrysanthemum (various varieties - white, pink, red, green, yellow, lilac, orange)
Cymbidium Orchid (white, pink, orange, red, yellow, green)
Daisy (yellow/white)
Dahlias (orange, pink)
Delphinium (butterfly or hybrid - white, blue, purple)
Daffodil (yellow)
Freesia (white, pink, red, yellow, purple)
Gardenia (white)
Gerbera (white, pink, orange, yellow, red)
Gladiolus (white, purple, green, pink, yellow, red, orange)
Geraldon Wax (white, pink)
Goddess Lily (green)
Heliconia (red, orange, yellow)
Hyacinths (white, pink, purple)
Iris (blue, purple, white, yellow)
Jonquil (white, yellow)
Kangaroo Paw (pink, green, red/green, black/green, yellow, orange, red)
Lavender (purple)
Leucadendron (green, red, yellow)
Lisianthus (white, pink, purple)
Lotus (pods green, flowers pink, white)
Dusty Miller foliage
Minature Roses (white, pink, yellow, orange, red, cream)
Mini Gerbera (white, red, orange, yellow, lemon, pink)
November Lily (white)
Oriental Lily (white, pink)
Phalaenopsis Orchid (white, lemon, green, pink)
Poppy (red, orange, yellow, pink, white)
Roses (white, pinks, lavender, mauve, cream, orange, red, peach, yellow, lemon)
Singapore Orchid (white, green, pink, purple, red, yellow)
Statice (white, purple)
Sunflower (yellow, brown)
Snap Dragon (white, pink, orange, burgundy)
Sweet Pea (white, pinks, purples)
Stock (white, purple, cream, pink)
Tulip (white, cream, pink, orange, yellow, red, purple)
Vanda Orchid (pink, red, orange, purple, yellow)