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Let's talk discounts! 

If you are a regular in our store or order often through our website you will know that we don't offer discounts. Honestly each time I see a florist offering a sale or discounted product to get more customers or more wedding bookings it breaks my heart a little bit. 

I am a strong believer in you get what you pay for and by offering a discount they are telling their customers that not only are their beautiful flowers not worth it but neither is their time or skills! They are saying they are not worth their value and by offering a discount why would people want to pay their full price? 

We source some of the best flowers Australia has to offer direct from the source, we are in weekly contact with our farms and we don't negotiate our prices with them. We pay them a fair market value for their product and their effort. We understand that especially in Australia any fresh product has blown up with huge price increases and at the moment our major supermarkets are being investigated for price gouging and ripping off farmers and we are all furious for them and why should our flower farmers suffer and have their flower prices negotiated to below production value as well!

These same supermarkets also offer flowers at a below cost price that local florists just can't compete with so we don't bother trying. Instead of following their below cost flower prices we spend our time focusing on offering a higher quality product with flowers that will last longer and are purchased for a fair price direct from the farmer who grows them!

So next time your looking for a flower delivery remember ordering online with us means you get a gift that's not just thoughtfully made but thoughtfully sourced that also supports Australian farmers.

- Skye x