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One of our biggest challenges as a bricks and mortar store

One of our biggest obstacles running a shop in Canberra is online order gatherers, who each year strategically name and market their websites so you think you are buying from a florist in Canberra when they are nowhere to be seen! They take much needed revenue from local businesses who rely on website orders for local Canberra and Queanbeyan delivery areas.
Ordergatherers have huge budgets for advertising and flood the internet with Google and Facebook ads and reguarly switch up their name so it's harder to keep track of them. When you search for a florist in Canberra these order gatherer google ads are usually some of the first to show up on your screen. They will charge you top dollar while the florist or small business fulfilling the order would be lucky enough to get enough to cover the cost of the flowers or they will take your money and put an order through a local florist in the delivery area for a very small posy or hamper that does not even represent what you have chosen from their website at all.
When you go online to order a Canberra  delivery we encourage you to try filter out order gatherer websites. One way you can do this by not clicking on the ads and instead scroll down the google search further and once you click on a website look for a physical address for the shop or by looking for a florist you know directly.
There are so many local amazing florists and specialty stores who offer Canberra delivery and who deserve your support so please buy local!
When you buy from Poetry in Flowers you can rest assured that you are supporting an actual bricks and mortar store in the local Canberra community.