Wild Flower Availability List

By Skye Andriske
on 17 March, 2021

Seeing all the wattle starting to come out made me realise it's not always easy to find information on what wildflowers are available at any given time of the year.  So here is a rough guide for wildflower lovers.  This seasonal list is a guide only and the availability is always going to be weather dependent.

January - flannel flower, backhousia, banksia baxteri, Christmas bells (blandfordia), Christmas bush, flowering gum, grevillea, mountain daisy, repens, scholtzia, verticordia, gymea leaves, gum foliage, forest lace

February banksia baxteri, banksia menziesii, flowering gum, grevillea, mountain daisy, leucadendron safari sunset, protea pink ice, repens, scholtzia, verticordia, gymea leaves, gum foliage, forest lace

March banksia baxteri, banksia menziesii, grevillea, mountain daisy, leucadendron safari sunset, protea grandicolour, protea pink ice, repens, koala fern, gymea leaves, gum foliage, forest lace

April - banksia 'Giant Candles', banksia hookeriana, banksia menziesii, silver banksia, grevillea, leucadendron safari sunset, protea grandicolour, protea pink ice, repens, koala fern, gymea leaves, gum foliage, forest lace

May - dryandra, banksia 'Giant Candles', banksia coccinea, banksia hookeriana, banksia menziesii, silver banksia, grevillea, leucadendron safari sunset, protea grandicolour, protea pink ice, repens, blushing bride, thryptomene, koala fern, gymea leaves, gum foliage, forest lace

June - dryandra, banksia 'Giant Candles', banksia coquina, banksia hookeriana, banksia menziesii, silver banksia, berzelia, waxbud, leucadendron safari sunset, kangaroo paw, protea pink ice, repens, straw flower, blushing bride, snow balls, thryptomene, koala fern, gymea leaves, gum foliage, forest lace.

July - dryandra, banksia 'Giant Candles', banksia coquina, banksia hookeriana, banksia menziesii, berzelia, waxed, smoke bush, gymea lily, yellow bells, pincushion, kangaroo paw, rice flower, king protea, protea pink ice, repens, straw flower, blushing bride, snow balls, thryptomene, koala fern, gymea leaves, gum foliage, forest lace

August - wattle, flannel flower, kangaroo paw, banksia 'Giant Candles', banksia coccinea, banksia hookeriana, banksia menziesii, berzelia, waxed, wax flower, smoke bush, gymea lily, yellow bells, leucadendron safari sunset, leucadendron pisa, leucadendron conebush, pincushion, straw flower, kangaroo paw, rice flower, protea grandicolour, king protea, protea pink ice, blushing bride, snow balls, thryptomene, koala fern, gymea leaves, gum foliage, forest lace

September - wattle, flannel flower, kangaroo paw, dryandra, banksia 'Giant Candles', banksia coccinea, banksia hookeriana, banksia menziesii, berzelia, boronia, wax flower, smoke bush, gymea lily, eriostemon, teatree, leucadendron safari sunset, leucadendron pisa, leucadendron cone bush, pincushion, kangaroo paw, rice flower, straw flower, protea grandicolour, king protea, pink ice protea, blushing bride, snow balls, waratah, thryptomene, koala fern, gymea leaves, gum foliage, forest lace

October - flannel flower, kangaroo paw, backhousia, berzelia, Christmas bells (blandfordia), boronia, wax flower, smoke bush, golden cascade, eriostemon, mountain daisy, teatree, straw flower, leucadendron safari sunset, leucadendron pisa, leucadendron cone bush, pincushion, kangaroo paw, rice flower, protea grandicolour, king protea, blushing bride, snow balls, waratah, koala fern, gymea leaves, gum foliage, forest lace

November - flannel flower, kangaroo paw, backhousia, banksia baxteri, Christmas bells (blandfordia), Christmas bush, smoke bush, golden cascade, eriostemon, flowering gum, grevillea, mountain daisy, leucadendron safari sunset, leucadendron pisa, leucadendron cone bush, pincushion, kangaroo paw, rice flower, protea grandicolour, king protea, scholtzia, verticordia, koala fern, gymea leaves, gum foliage, forest lace

December - flannel flower, kangaroo paw, backhousia, banksia baxteri, Christmas bells (blandfordia), Christmas bush, smoke bush, flowering gum, grevillea, mountain daisy, leucadendron safari sunset, leucadendron cone bush, pincushion, rice flower, king protea, scholtzia, verticordia, gymea leaves, gum foliage, forest lace

May Flower Availability during Covid-19

By shop front
on 26 May, 2020

Covid-19 has caused alot of disruptions to the Australian flower market. This is mainly due to the stop or high cost of importing flowers into Australia. Availability of our usual flowers has been much lower as our local farms scramble to try and meet demand. Over Mothers day we saw a record number of people ordering much earlier than usual as social contact restrictions were still in place and we had to cut off our deliveries much earlier than in previous year. This was  the case for most florist around Australia as we were unable to get extra flowers in due to the low supply.

The high demand in local product as well as the extreme costs involved with importing during the pandemic have driven up some prices especially with roses.


Previous years our availability was as below.

Mothers day is the highlight of May.  There have been plenty of beautiful chrysanthemums - daisy chrysanthemum, field chrysanthemum, mum chrysanthemums and disbuds.

Roses have been beautiful, with a lovely range of colours and flower head size. Field grown David Austin roses are coming to an end though, and proving difficult to find by the end of the month, as are all field grown varieties.  

Lisianthus was available at the beginning of the month but harder to get by the end of May.

Dahlias come to an end soon, but tulips, freesias, iris and hyacinths are now readily available. It's nice to feel the weather cooling off and seeing these bulb lines really makes it feel like a change in season. We have not been able to get ranunculus.

Only imported callas are available in a limited colour range. Snaps are still available.  Dephinium has been thin on the ground.  Stock has started in full swing, and we have been getting a lovely colour range and with a beautiful fragrance. Carnations in a diverse colour range have been available.

Lavender and poppies has been hard.  Hydrangea has been in short supply, although the colour is not good - green blooms with small stems.

Babies breath has been readily available.

The range of natives is slowly improving, with proteas, banksias, tetra nuts, sea holly and leucadendrons readily available.  Kale has started in earnest, with the cooler temperatures bringing out lovely colouration.

Orchids, oriental lilies, asiatic lilies and gerberas are readily available.  Birds of paradise have also been readily available.  Longiforum lilies have been more difficult to get this month.

Flowers that are usually available in May in Canberra (and their colour range) include -

Alstromeria (white, pink, green, red, yellow, orange)
Anthirium (white, salmon, pink, lime, red)
Asiatic Lilies (white, pink, orange, yellow, red)
Aster (white, pink, purple, red)
Arum Lily (white, pink)
Blossom (white, pink)
Bouvardia (red, white, pink)
Birds of Paradise (orange/purple)
Banksia (various varieties in green, red, yellow, orange, brown, silver)
Celosia (various varieties - red, orange, yellow)
Chrysanthemum (various varieties - white, pink, red, green, yellow, lilac, orange)
Cymbidium Orchid (white, pink, orange, red, yellow, green)
Dahlia (white, pink, red, yellow, orange)
Daisy (yellow/white)
David Austin Roses (white, ivory, cream, pinks, reds)
Delphinium (butterfly or hybrid - white, blue, purple)
Freesia (white, pink, red, yellow, purple)
Gerbera (white, pink, orange, yellow, red)
Gladiolus (white, purple, green, pink, yellow, red, orange)
Geraldon Wax (white, pink)
Goddess Lily (green)
Heliconia (red, orange, yellow)
Hyacinths (white, pink, purple)
Iris (blue, purple, white, yellow)
Kangaroo Paw (pink, green, red/green, black/green, yellow, orange, red)
Lavender (purple)
Leucadendron (green, red, yellow)
Lisianthus (white, pink, purple)
Lotus (pods green, flowers pink, white)
Dusty Miller foliage
Minature Roses (white, pink, yellow, orange, red, cream)
Mini Gerbera (white, red, orange, yellow, lemon, pink)
Nerine (pink, orange)
November Lily (white)
Oriental Lily (white, pink)
Phalaenopsis Orchid (white, lemon, green, pink)
Roses (white, pinks, lavender, mauve, cream, orange, red, peach, yellow, lemon)
Singapore Orchid (white, green, pink, purple, red, yellow)
Statice (white, purple)
Sunflower (yellow, brown)
Snap Dragon (white, pink, orange, burgundy)
Stock (white, purple, cream, pink)
Tulip (white, cream, pink, orange, yellow, red, purple)
Vanda Orchid (pink, red, orange, purple, yellow)


By shop front
on 18 March, 2020

Each day as we are given updates surrounding the spread of COVID-19 we are feeling more and more anxious. Anxious about health, home life, school life, family interstate & overseas, the effects all of these huge events continue to have on our kids and the effects of being small business owners.
After a rocky start in retail with the Australian Bush fires we were just starting to feel like we were getting back on track. We had a successful Valentines Day allowing us to get back on track financially and mentally and had started preparing for what was set to be an amazing year full of weddings and events. Now we are trying our best to prepare for unprecedented times full of uncertainty and anxiety, talking to beautiful couples who are heartbroken to have to postpone their big day and our fellow business owners who are full of worry.
COVID-19 will be impacting all of our lives greatly in one way or another all over the globe and we need to support one another in any way possible. Something as little as buying a coffee in the mornings from your local cafe can make a difference and give you a chance to enjoy the amazing weather we have had lately. There are also plenty of ways to help small businesses from the comfort of your home, this could be ordering flowers to be delivered to your elderly neighbor who is reluctant to go out, or your girlfriend working from home with the kids, or maybe do some online shopping with one of the many amazing small businesses and instead of your usual supermarket chocolate utilise some of the talented makers we have right here in Canberra.
At Poetry we want to assure you that we are taking every step possible to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees.
We are regularly sanitizing all work stations and shared spaces and being diligent with hand washing practices. We have started to implement procedures for our drivers to avoid person-to-person contact, this includes flowers or hampers being left at the front door of all home address deliveries and at reception desks with a text &/ or phone call being made to the recipient to let them know where they are left.
Times like this remind us how thankful we are to be a part of such a vibrant and resilient community, and how truly grateful we are for each and every one of you. We reply on the support from our community to keep going so we can support locals with jobs and purchase locally made items from other Canberra small businesses. 
Don't panic - Be prepared is the advice and if we all band together, check on each other and just be smart and sensible we can get through this. 
'Alone we can do so little: together we can do so much.' - Helen Keller
Skye and The Poetry Team

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