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We understand that some people love silk flowers and they are great for some events and cemetary flowers but we do often get asked 'why don't you offer silk flowers'? The simple answer is we don't like them. We have been dealing with fresh flowers and the farmers who grown them for over 25 years now and fresh is built into our blood!

Here are some of the main reasons we don't use them.

- Silk flowers are predominantly made of plastic and not a natural eco-friendly product to produce.

- They don't match the aesthetic and quality standards we uphold in our store. Our art is dominated by fresh flowers allowing us to work with their natural beauty ensuring each bouquet is different from the next and not a generically made mass produced item.

- We do some preserved and dried everlasting posies on a much smaller scale but fresh is where our hearts are!

We are passionate in wanting everyone to experience the beauty of fresh flowers!

Every florist shop is different, every small business is different and every artist is different. Support local and shop small.

- Skye x