Canberra made tea by Tea Garden Co


Any tea lover will love one of these amazing blends that are handmade with love in Canberra by the amazing and award winning team at Tea Garden Co.

Each tea blend comes in a glass Jar with Re-sealable lid, approx 15-20 cups (50g).


BROWNIE POINTS - It’s big, it’s bold and it’s what every girl wants… A chocolate brownie that doesn’t show on the hips!

A bold Indian Assam with cocoa nib chocolate goodness, rich caramel and wattleseed to bring the always loved cake flavour to the cup. Perfect with a dash of milk.

ESPRESSO MAR-TEA-NI - When you’re not sure if it’s Tea or Coffee this guy will give you a little of both. With Brazilian whole coffee beans, Australian Wattle Seed and a dash of caramel you’ll start with a latte and end with a classic English Breakfast.

CALM YOUR FARM - The City University in London have found a cup of tea reduces stress. Calm Your Farm has soft floral notes, a gentle freshness from lemon and a beautiful warmth from sweet chamomile and lavender.

PRICKLY PEAR - A fruity pop with a punch. An apple based fruit tea blend with pear and ginger, the perfect chill for this summer.