Jasper & Myrtle Chocolates


Jasper + Myrtle takes carefully sourced cocoa beans and roasts them to perfection, blending with exquisite flavours to create delicious and distinctive bars, lovingly handmade in Canberra, Australia. Like fine wine, each batch is different. They match the best natural ingredients with the most suitable beans to produce truly unique chocolate.

CLASSIC MILK CHOCOLATE - A darker milk chocolate with strong flavour balanced by creamy and silky texture. With caramel notes coming through from the Muscovado sugar, this chocolate is made for those who love the classics.

PNG DARK CHOCOLATE 66% - This chocolate is made with the Trinitario bean from Papua New Guinea. It is a robust chocolate, which has an intense and full-bodied flavour. Some describe its flavour as “earthy.”

ESPRESSO DARK CHOCOLATE - Jasper & Myrtle have used Canberra artisan roasted coffee beans in this chocolate. It gives a good hit of coffee, which makes this a perfect after dinner chocolate. With its dark chocolate and rich coffee taste, this is a real crowd pleaser.

HIMALAYAN ROCK SALT & WAKAME DARK CHOCOLATE - This is a unique chocolate, with complex layers of flavours, that has won a silver medal at the 2016 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards. The judges described it as having “a nice combination of sweet sour vanilla and umami”.