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April Flower Availability

All the winter lines are now available with plenty of tulips, iris, freesia and hyacinths around.  Have not yet seen local ranunculus or anemone.

Roses are beautiful with a full colour range available.  They look lovely in the weddings.

David Austin roses have been stunning in the first half of this month and we had some lovely roses for weddings.  The supply has been a little patchy though, and some weeks it has been harder to source the David Austins than others, and the adverse weather will make them hard to find in this last week of April.

Lisianthus is available and has been beautiful.

Dahlias and Gloriosa lilies were the highlight of this month but the Gloriosa finished mid month and the dahlias have become scarce by the end of the month.  There has been a beautiful colour range in the dahlias pinks, burgundies, yellows and whites with a great range in head sizes.

Only imported callas have been available, and not a great range of colours.  White arums have been scarce, with the crop not yet in full swing. Hydrangeas have finished.

Snaps are still available. Hybrid delphinium was available at the beginning of April (mainly in purple and white) but has now finished.  Blue butterfly delphinium has been available for the second two weeks of the month. Stock is just starting now.   Babies breath has been readily available. Stephanotis has finished.

Birds of paradise are available. Carnations, including green trick, have been available.  Marguerite daisies have been available.

Orchids, lilies and gerberas are readily available. 

Sea holly, banksias (2-3 types) and leucadendron are available.  Kings proteas have been available, as have pink ice and grandicolour protea.  There is no wax flower, no blushing bride, very few flannel flower and the like.

Privet berries has been available changing from green to black over the month.  Snow berry was around in early April but finished by the end of April.  Hanging amaranth has started. Peris has been available, but hard to get.  Lotus pods are becoming more scarce and only found a few.  There are some browned pods around.

Flowers generally available in April include -

Alstromeria (white, pink, green, red, yellow, orange)
Amaranthus (green, red)
Anthirium (white, salmon, pink, lime, red)
Asiatic Lilies (white, pink, orange, yellow, red)
Aster (white, pink, purple, red)
Bouvardia (red, white, pink)
Birds of Paradise (orange/purple)
Banksia (various varieties in green, red, yellow, orange, brown, silver)
Celosia (various varieties - red, orange, yellow)
Chrysanthemum (various varieties - white, pink, red, green, yellow, lilac, orange)
Dahlia (white, pink, red, yellow, orange)
Daisy (yellow/white)
David Austin Roses (white, ivory, cream, pinks, reds)
Delphinium (butterfly or hybrid - white, blue, purple)
Freesia (white, pink, red, yellow, purple)
Grevillea (yellow, red, pink, orange)
Heliconia (red, orange, yellow)
Hydrangea (green, pink, purple, blue)
Jasmine (white/pink)
Hyacinths (white, pink, purple)
Iris (blue, purple, white, yellow)
Kangaroo Paw (pink, green, red/green, black/green, yellow, orange, red)
Lavender (purple)
Leucadendron (green, red, yellow)
Lisianthus (white, pink, purple)
Lotus (pods green, flowers pink, white)
Dusty Miller foliage
Minature Roses (white, pink, yellow, orange, red, cream)
Mini Gerbera (white, red, orange, yellow, lemon, pink)
Nerine (pink, orange)
November Lily (white)
Oriental Lily (white, pink)
Phalaenopsis Orchid (white, lemon, green, pink)
Protea (various varieties - pink, white, red)
Roses (white, pinks, lavender, mauve, cream, orange, red, peach, yellow, lemon)
Siam Tulip (white/lime, pinks)
Singapore Orchid (white, green, pink, purple, red, yellow)
Statice (white, purple)
Sunflower (yellow, brown)
Snap Dragon (white, pink, orange, burgundy)
Stock (white, purple, cream, pink)
Tulip (white, cream, pink, orange, yellow, red, purple)
Vanda Orchid (pink, red, orange, purple, yellow)