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Poetry in Flowers is owned and operated by Canberra locals Skye & Peter and their lovely team of Poetry girls.
A note from Skye
Poetry in Flowers was first born in 1998 by my aunt and I joined the Poetry family in 2008. After experiencing the joy of helping people express their love and gratitute while exploring my creativity I became instantly hooked! My love and passion for everything floral grew and when Liz decided to sell, buying the shop was an easy choice.
As well as running the business, my husband and I are very proud parents to two beautiful young kids. Having a family and a business can be a juggling act but we are lucky to have an amazing and talented team around us at the shop where we will be forever grateful for all of their kindness and support.
One of our biggest obstacles running a shop in Canberra is online order gatherers, who each year strategically name and market their websites so you think you are buying from a florist in Canberra when they are no where to be seen! They then charge you top dollar while the florist would be lucky enough to get enough to cover the cost of the flowers. When you go online we encourage you to try filter out order gatherer websites. One way you can do this by looking for a physical address on the website or looking for a florist you know directly.

There are so many amazing florists and specialty stores in Canberra who deserve your support so please buy local! When you buy from Poetry you can rest assured that you are supporting a bricks and mortar store in your local Canberra community. 
Running a business is hard work but we are so grateful for everyone who comes into our store or orders online and for allowing us to be a part of creating such special memories. 
Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us. We are passionate about providing you with great florals. If this is not your experience, please let me know!
Skye x

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