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If you have a cat or want to send some beautiful flowers to someone who has a cat here are some of our favourite cat friendly flowers for a Canberra flower delivery.

- Roses - always a classic and beautiful gift.

- Sunflowers - for when you want to brighten up someone's day.

- Orchids - a long lasting and simply stunning flower option for your vase.

- Gerberas - a staple in most florist, we love our gerbera farmer and he produces some lovely colours and varieties.

- Snapdragons - a beautiful tall, slender flower suitable for most vase shapes.

- Lisianthus - a favourite when they are in season for their delicate flower and longevity.

- Freesias - perfect for when you want to bring a sweet floral scent into any room.

- Stock - these classic blooms signify eternal love and devotion.

There are way to many to mention but these are some of our favourites. The most important flowers to avoid when gifting to a cat owner are lilies and tulips.


Why not organise a cat friendly flower delivery to someone today?


- Skye x