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Living in Australia means we are spoilt with beautiful seasonal flowers all year round. Our top pick when choosing your wedding flowers would be to choose something that is in peak season or better yet just go with a colour scheme with your florist allowing us to choose some of the best and beautiful blooms from each farm the week of your wedding meaning you get a better and fresher product than if you select a flower that is just out of season.



Always a favourite! From delicate whites to blushes and into the deeper pinks, reds and corals, peonies are a symbol of compassion, bashfulness and a happy marriage. They are a fluffy, beautiful flower but you will pay for their luxury as they are some of the most expensive flowers around. Australian peonies are generally available from mid-November-December.  



Also known as "Moth" Orchids because of their large flat bloom surface and natural shimmer. These stunning, delicate blooms are available year round in plant form or by the stem and turn any bouquet into a luxe wedding dream.



This gorgeous flower comes in almost any colour you can think of and is a regular feature in our bouquets from late winter - spring. Their delicate look provides the perfect amount of romance to any bouquet.



Roses are available all year though the best locally grown roses are available over summer. They come in an abundance of colours and varieties to suit all budgets and styles.



Probably one of the most desired flowers of all time. These beautiful blooms are a gorgeous mix of colours from pale blush to white to vibrant oranges and deep red with a huge petal count and structure look. Café au Laits have beautiful delicate champagne petals and large flower heads. It's important to note the larger the flower the shorter their cut flower life. These beautiful blooms are at their best over the summer and can be found in our store and events in abundance.



Literally translated, "water-barrel", hydrangea symbolize heartfelt emotion and gratitude, are ever popular and will never go out of style.  These lush huge blooms are available in a multitude of colours that are almost all available throughout the year (there are a few varieties that are more seasonal to spring or winter).  



These delicate sort flowers get their name from their enticing fragrance and beautiful petals. They are a delicate pleasure and are available from mid winter.



The Panda Anemone are the most popular with their white petals and a navy/black centre, but can be found with green centres and in a bunch of shades of pinks, reds and blues. They are available from mid-late winter.



With the best blooms available late winter/ early spring these are a favourite for a reason with their beautiful petals they match many different wedding vibes from soft and delicate to bright and whimsical.



These are definatley the King of native flowers with their commanding petals and strong, bold look. They are popular for many native flower and whimsical weddings.


- Skye x