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When you think of a Canberra winter you probably think of frosty cold temperatures and shorter days. It’s certainly not a time of year that conjures up thoughts of lush gardens filled with flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colours especially with the extremely cold mornings we have had.

But, there are some really amazing flowers in winter that we don’t get to enjoy when it’s warm out, so let’s get cozy and take some time to appreciate the beauty around us… here are our top 5 favourite winter flowers.


1. Daffodils: With their vibrant yellow tone and whimsically shaped petals whats not to enjoy! We love it when these beautiful bulb flowers start popping at the farms for us to gather up and enjoy in store.

2. Lavender: Apart from its beautiful purple tones and soothing scent lavender is also very symbolic. It represents purity, serenity, devotion and calmness.These themes are often related to the ways lavender is used. Calmness and serenity point toward lavender's uses in aiding sleep and easing anxiety. Purity is shown through lavender's use throughout history in cleaning and its associations with cleanliness. 

3. Delphinium: Delphinium is the birth month flower for July, they come in the most beautiful romantic tones, are tall, stunning and are one of the top selling flowers for florists worldwide but unfortunately are not good for cake decorating as they belong to the infamously toxic buttercup family.

4. Tulips: These are one of our favourite flowers for a reason. They are incredibly beautiful with their smooth silky petals and are just completely joyous to look at! We look forward to the Australian Tulip season and cant get enough of them.

5. Helleborus: Also known as the Winter Rose is a delecate and beautful bloom that you can even find in the snowy regions. These add a whimsical feel to any bouquet.

6. Ornamental Kale: This one fast became a favourite of our and we get it in store in abundance over winter. The are so unique and offer some beautiful texture to our bouquets!

There are so many more beautiful winter flowers in store right now that I could list and its so hard to choose our favourites but we love putting together a beautiful winter selection for you whenever you order online for a Canberra delivery or come in store to see us.

- Skye x