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Owning a florist is much like a juggling act. It's a multi-faceted job involving everything from designing bouquets to customer service, book-taking, ordering stock and sundries, social media, website maintenance, photography - or an attemp there of and much much more.

Some days I'm running the gauntlet and will work a full day in store followed by 1-2 hours of bookeeping and quoting and an hourish of social media to having a day off which after dropping the kids at school looks a little like a few hours of quoting, answering emails, social media, conversing with suppliers and watching netflix at the same time to convince myself it's a day off and finishing just in time to collect the kids from school.

Why do it you say? For the most part I absolutely love my job and I love my shop family. I love it when our regular customers drop by with the most beautiful words of support and gratitude, seeing our brides faces light up when they see their bouquets or the privilege of creating a floral tribute for a loved one. 

We get to create something that spreads joy and love and not many people can say they get to do that.


- Skye x