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Buying from a small business is a luxury.

When you shop from a large chain store your not receiving a custom design, something carefully put together by someone who wants you personally to love the product. You don't get the option to speak with and work with the owner directly. You don't get the option to ask what colours or flowers will match your event or home decor. You don't get to know where your fresh flowers were grown, what the farmers name is, or how many generations their family has been farming for. They don't go out of their way to make sure the majority of their flowers and products are sourced in Australia and pay a fair market price to other small businesses and farms for that product. Big businesses also don't get to experience the joy we get with each order placed for an online delivery, or from every customer that walks into the store. They don't pray for a busy week of orders or pull all nighters to meet every deadline, fulfil every order then go home to mountains of paperwork and emails to respond to or homework to do with their kids so they can continue to support family and employees. 

We can't compete with large supermarkets and chain stores but they just don't put in the same level of thoughtfulness and care as we do....

And if they did their product would be worth so much more.

So next time you're looking for a hamper or gift or just want to order some flowers for a Canberra delivery please choose your local florist over the big chain stores.

- Skye x