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Canberra is noutorious for hayfever with our rich bushlands and if you want a flower delivery to someone but they have hay fever, here is a list of our hay fever friendly blooms and what to avoid.  
Although most people with hay fever are more allergic to grass, some cut flowers can also be a problem. Generally wind-pollinated flowers are the worst for those who are unlucky enough to have hay fever, as their pollen is light and naturally breaks away from the plant very easily. On the other hand, flowers which are heavily pollinated by insects tend to be much less irritating, as their pollen is heavy and sticky, and doesn't disperse around the home causing irritation.
Here are some flowers to avoid if you have hay fever -
1. Baby's breath / gyphsophila - This beautiful and delicate flower has a suprising amount of pollen for something so small.
2. Sunflowers - These are packed full of pollen.
3. Lilies - One of the most well known for causing hay fever symptoms with their strong scent and visible pollen.
Best flowers to send someone with hayfever - 
1. Hydrangea - These are always a low pollen favourite in store with their large show stopping fluffy flower heads.
2. Tulips - One of our all time favourite flowers are also one of the most popular spring flowers around.
3. Daffodils - Super bright and cheery these beautiful blooms are pollinated by insects, so are a low allergy choice.
4. Roses - These have a very small amount of pollen and are unlikely to cause a hay fever reaction.
5. Peonies - One of the most popular flowers in the world due to their rarity and limited availability these are also pollinated by insects and their pollen is also very heavy meaning it wont easily travel around the room.
6. Orchids - These are one of the longest lasting flowers you can get and they dont have airborn pollen so they are always a great choice for low-allergy.
Hopefully there is something on this list for someone you know with hayfever so they can enjoy a beautiful flower delivery without a pollen reaction.
- Skye x