This year Valentine’s Day is unlike any our little shop has prepared for. Since Covid-19 started everything has been unpredictable. In 2020 we saw everything from barely any sales during the bushfire and the start of the pandemic to being crazy busy during the peak of Covid in Canberra. February the 14th falls on a Sunday this year which also means people generally buy less flowers and instead opt for a lovely lunch at a local Cafe or dinner at one of our many amazing restaurants.  All of the previous calculations and methods for predicting how many flowers we need to order or how many deliveries we need to prepare for has basically gone out of the window and instead we will be planning to gather our usual extend shop family and prepare for as much as we can and hope for the best. Keeping this in mind we have decided to only offer a limited number of deliveries and instead of having a cut off date we will cut them off when we reach capacity so please get your orders in early this year and please shop local this Valentine's day!