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When shopping online for a Canberra flower delivery it's important to always choose a florist with an actual physical address and phone number otherwise you might fall into the relay trap. A relay florist is usually a large overseas company that has nothing to do with an actual florist shop who will create websites with the Google terms 'local florist' or 'canberra's best florist' leaving you to believe that they are a bricks and mortar store when they have no shopfront and instead get you to purchase one of the 'pretty' bouquets they list online then get an actual florist to fulfil them and while you think this sounds like a great idea they are actually paying that florist a much lower dollar amount to work with. This means that you could pay $100 through their website for a bouquet but when they contact us, an actual florist to fill the order they may just ask us to make a seasonal posy for maybe $60 including delivery, leaving you dissapointed with a bouquet half the size of what you had ordered and paid for.

When you are looking for a florist online for a Canberra delivery it's important to search for something like 'Canberra's Best Florist', 'Canberra Flower Delivery' or a suburb search like 'Gungahlin Florist' then once you click on a website check to see if the images of flowers look genuine to them and do they have a phone number that looks like a local number for that location and not a 1800 number.

Now that you know what to look for why not order some beautiful fresh flowers to be delivered to Canberra or Queanbeyan today.


- Skye x