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People who own small Canberra independent businesses are your neighbors. By employing local residents, we help support the families who also live in the Canberra community. 
While some job positions are for skilled laborers, many small Canberra businesses hire for positions that don’t require advanced training or degrees. A good percentage of these are in the customer service industry, and many of those jobs are filled by people who otherwise might not qualify for more competitive work.
Although floristry is a qualified trade where your qualification can be obtained in Canberra through a 3 year course at CIT, floristry does offer alot of unqualified or learning on the job positions.
Most small business owners are passionate about supporting other small business's and will often go out of their way to shop and eat at these locations within their community. We also often buy our sundries or stock to make our product from other Canberra or Australia based small business's. 
We love to shop local, eat local, employ locals, our kids go to local schools and we live locally. We are an integral part of the Canberra community and love what we do and our work.
Next time your shopping online why not order a flower delivery to someone in Canberra from our store. With our same day delivery your guaranteed a fresh and carefully put together product made with love from a small business in the Canberra community.
- Skye