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5 Reasons to order a Canberra flower delivery on a rainy day.


1. To brighten up the day: It doesn't matter if you are ordering a delivery for yourself or a friend flowers are a natural mood-lifter and can bring some much-needed brightness to an otherwise gloomy rainy day.
2. To show appreciation: Sending and delivering flowers to a loved one or friend on a rainy day in Canberra, Queanbeyan or Googong can be a thoughtful gesture to show them you care.
3. To enjoy the fragrance: Rainy days often bring with them an earthy, fresh scent in the air. Getting one of our beautiful fresh flower bouquets delivered can help can enhance this experience in your home.
4. To decorate your home or office: Rainy days may make you want to stay indoors, but that doesn't mean your home or office has to feel dull. A fresh flower delivery can add color and life to any room.
5. To support local businesses: Many Canberra florists like us at Poetry in Flowers Flowers rely on in-person sales, which often suffer on bad weather days. By ordering flowers online, you are helping support businesses like ours so while you're not only brightening someone's day you are making a small business owner very, very happy. 
6. We don't just sell flowers for online delivery, why not add some delicious Canberra made hot chocolate or decadent rocky road from Mudgee NSW or more.