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There are alot of reasons to order your flowers from your local Canberra florist and here are just a few of them.

When you buy from us, a local Canberra based florist shop you're not just supporting us and our ability to employ floral designers, couriers for Canberra deliveries or stock other products from small businesses around Canberra and Australia on our shelves, you are purchasing a product that we have sourced direct from the farm. The majority of our flowers are from Australian farms. And by supporting local farmers, our flowers are fresher as they are whats in season right now in Australia. By purchasing a beautiful bunch from us helps to provide a personal connection with our farmers. We don't just order our flowers on a checklist through one wholesaler we go direct to the source. We know our farmers names, their partners names, their story. We have been ordering sourcing our flowers from some of our farms for more than 20 years now and many of our farmers are 3rd or 4th generational flower farmers. It's in their blood.

Yes, sometimes during peak flower purchasing times around the world like Valentine's day or Mother's day there are always news stories about how there are more imported flowers in Australia but what these stories fail to mention is that it can be a hard time for farms to keep up with the huge demand, especially with roses. But during these peak times we are still sourcing these higher demand flowers through our same farmers and their farms are still generating income from this product so you are still supporting them. Your are allowing them to employ staff and cover some of the extreme costs that now come with farming in Australia. This is much like when you purchase something handmade, sometimes from some small businesses these ingredients may not all be Australian made but the end result is a product beautifully and thoughtfully designed and created by an Australian artisan that has put hours of care and love into this product just for you.

This year, 2024 shop small, support local small businesses, suppoort local farmers, put more support into your region, skip the large department stores and supermarkets and help create a more personal connection to our community.

It's easier than ever to shop and support local business both online and in store.


- Skye x