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I'm sure you've heard of your birthstone and your starsign but have you heard about your birth flower?

Everyone has a birth flower and every birth flower has a meaning. 

January - Carnation & Snowdrop

The first month of the year is the carnation and snowdrop. The carnation's meaning depends on the colour. Pink for affection, yellow for rejection or disappointment, white for pure love, red for love, the striped carnations mean regretful love that isn't returned while the snowdrop is a unique white flower standing for hope and beauty.

February - Primrose & Violet

Violet and primrose are the birth flowers for this month with these two purple flowers representing loyalty and faithfulness. 

March - Jonquil & Daffodil

Their meaning is "unequal love." The yellow daffodil blooms are so spring-like that if you live anywhere cold and snowy, you'll be praying for them to arrive each spring to signal the arrival of warmer weather.

April - Sweet Pea & Daisy

Daisies and sweet peas are the official flowers of the month of April, and they couldn't' seem more perfect. Sweet pea means blissful pleasure. Daisies mean innocence, loyal love, and purity.

May - Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn

All those spring flowers should be in bloom by the time May rolls around. If you're a May baby, your special flowers are Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn. Lily of the Valley means sweetness, humility, and "return to happiness." Hawthorn means hope and supreme happiness. Pretty great flowers to have for a birth month!

June - Rose & Honeysuckle

The month of June has the world's favourite flower, the rose as its birth flower. Just like carnations, the different colours of the rose represent different things. Pink roses mean perfect happiness. Red roses mean romance/ love. White is a sign of purity. Yellow roses are a sign of jealousy and honeysuckle is a representation of the everlasting bonds of love.

July - Larkspur & Water Lily

While water lilies mean purity and majesty the beautiful and dainty larkspur are used to show your "strong bonds of love," which can be quite powerful depending on your chosen recipient. 

August - Poppies & Gladiolus

Gladiolus have a variety of meanings, which means you can use it whichever way suits you best! Remembrance, calm, integrity, and infatuation are all among its most popular interpreted meanings. And while you may have thought that the poppy would have been the May birth flower since this is when we honour veterans, it is, in fact, the August birth flower. Popies also have different meanings for each colour. Red poppies are meant for pleasure, white for consolation, and yellow for wealth and success.

September - Morning Glory & Aster

Morning glory and asters are powerful flowers with their meanings revolving around all things love. Aster means love and positivity for all. Morning glory means love and affection for someone close to you.

October - Cosmos & Marigold

October gets some of the most beautiful flowers. Marigolds are often a sign of optimism and prosperity while cosmos indicate that the recipient should feel harmony and serenity.

November - Chrysanthemums

Beautiful chrysanthemums come in a variety of colours, with each colour yet again representing different meanings. Red for love, white for pure love and yellow means slighted love.

December - Holly & Narcissus

Holly had to go in December because of the holiday that it represents! It also means domestic happiness when gifted to one another. Narcissus is a beautiful white and yellow flower that tells your beloved that you love them just the way they are.


While not all of these will be commercially available if you can get them birth flowers are a beautiful and meaningful gift you can give someone on their birthday showing them how much you care, or a sentimental gift for a new mum with a sprig of their beautiful babies birth flower in a thoughtful card.

- Skye x