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Celebrating Winter with Flowers

"Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers." - Kahlil Gibran   We might be forecast for extra cold days this winter but there is always beautiful blooms that prevail no matter the weather to constantly remind us that warmer days are coming and there is no better way to take advantage of this beautiful season by decorating your home and office with all...

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July Flower Availability

Prices were driven up the last year for all flowers with farm costs exploding but had been remaining steady for a few months but now with more costs increasing across the board expected for our farmers and small businesses like ours we are unfortunately expecting more dramatic price hikes to come these next few months which we are devastated about. We are still committed to...

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June Flower Availability

The costs of running farms are still increasing and these increases are now being felt all the way down the chain. Combine this with interest rate hikes and small businesses are doing it tough. We are still committed to purchasing our flowers directly from as many farms as we can favouring locally grown blooms at our little store over imports as we have done since...

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