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In the last few years, wedding season has trended towards an evolution to the creation of floral arrangements, especially of table centerpieces, to be flowers only and no foliage. This is a clean, beautiful and modern look. But it does beg the question –why do they cost so much?

Well it's simple these types of arrangements are a quality over quantity lok with each bloom requiring natural perfection. You're paying for the product, time spent talking to the farmer about what they will have for your particular date as well as our knowledge from years of experience in knowing what will work for your look and whats available that time of year, the mass production and/ or labor, preparation and conditioning of each individual flower stem, storage and transportation, and our expertise and experience.

Although we love flowers the art of floristry is a job for us not a home hobby and we have aquired our skills and knowledge over many many years, we have dedicated ourselves to years of learning and training to turn our skills, abilities and knowledge into art to create  beautiful floral pieces for you.

When you are looking for a Canberra florist for your event you can rest assureed you are paying for a quality product made with love, care and dedication when you contact us.

- Skye x