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Christmas is a time for giving, embracing traditions, and celebrating what truly matters - friends, family, and community. This festive season as you shop for meaningful gifts, create memories, and decorate your home, support the small independent businesses of Canberra that enrich our community. Here are some compelling reasons to choose to shop small this Christmas.

When you shop from a small business, you directly support the creative entrepreneurs and the skilled artisans in the Canberra community. We are passionate about what we do and pour our hearts into bringing you beautifully designed products that show-case our talents. By shopping small, you empower us to keep doing what we love with some beautiful Australian made and Australian grown products. 

Choosing to support independent businesses in your Canberra community brings a lot of joy and impact. It means a significant part of your money stays right here in Canberra, boosting our economy and supporting local store owners and workers keeping employment opportunities close to home. Plus, when you shop at small local Canberra businesses, you're cutting down on shipping and transportation, making your gift-giving not just thoughtful but also eco-friendly. It's a win-win that spreads happiness and sustains our Canberra community.

Small businesses are also more likely to support your local schools or sporting clubs with donations. We are an integral part of the Canberra community.

So why not shop in store or order a Canberra delivery through our website.

- Skye x