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We are both florists and floral designers but what's the difference?

A florist is generally focused on running a flower shop focusing on the retain aspect of selling flowers and related products like hampers and gifts and / or plants. They may offer services like corsage making for formals, funerals, wedding flowers, and every day event flowers. A florist can work in a fast paced environment and needs to be able to make beautiful florals on demand without notice on a daily basis.

A floral designer is someone who really takes more of an artistic approach to the craft of making flowers focusing more on the design element and less on budget friendly options. Their main focus is to create visually appealing art with flowers. They spend a lot of time focusing on the artistic flow of each flower stem. They often have a strong background in colour theory, composition and artistic design and will work independently in their design studios.

While we are predominantly focused on being florists and this is what you will see in our store we love the artistic challenges and thrill of being a floral designer for events around Canberra and for our friends and families.

Thank you for loving what we do as much as us!

- Skye x