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When looking for flowers for your Canberra event you may often wonder why floral quotes differ from florist to florist. The harsh truth is, you get what you pay for. While one florist may charge you $1000 for some wedding or event blooms, another florist may charge you $2000.

But, how can this be, how can the same wedding cost vastly different amounts from two different vendors?
The answer is simple actually
- Experience
- Knowledge
- Skill Level
- Sourcing Practices
- Farmer Relationships
- Flower Quality
Poetry in Flowers has been creating wedding flowers for over 25 years now and during that time we have developed a beautiful relationship with some of the best flower and foliage growers around. We are able to source some of the best blooms available for your wedding or event, usually direct from either the actual farmer who grows them or our premium flower importer depending on your needs and vision. We also know how to prepare and care for your flowers based on decades of experience and knowledge before and after they are carefully arranged.
Our quotes are for more than just flowers, it's for our experience and knowing that we have the skill and knowledge behind us with event florals for your expectations to be met on the day. 
Not every events and wedding florist works this way and the difference in experience plays a big role into not just the quote provided but the final product you receiveon the day. We know what will be in season, what farms to buy from and exactly what is needed to ensure your vision is met. When we provide you with a quote there are no unexpected price rises for you along the way, we stick to our commitment and contract with you. We don't undercut other local suppliers or business's to win you over, leaving your flowers underquoted and only allowing the bare minimum for your event leaving the actual florals provided looking sparce and underwhelming on the day, and nothing like your expectations. We won't just throw together any old flowers, slap on a pretty ribbon and calling it a bridal bouquet. We are carefully selecting the best flowers that match perfectly with your vision with care and respect for your day. We take the time to design a beautiful bouquet or table setting for you utilising our years of wedding skills and expertise. We make sure your flowers are high quality and carefully sourced from each farm.
We will be upfront and honest about the costs and what to expect within your budget from the beginning, we are committed to providing you your floral dreams without the stress and hassel. 
So ask yourself this.. which would you prefer for your wedding or event?
- Skye x