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"Every time you spend money you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want" – Anna Lappe


With so much media attention on the big supermarkets for price gouging there's never been a better time to convince you to buy your flowers from your local florist and not these larger supermarkets.


Flowers have been no exception to the increased cost of farming around our country and we have certainly seen that with our flower prices but there is nothing more disheartening than comments from consumers who think we mark these up too high, but when we see flowers at the larger supermarkets (usually imported) for far less than the cost price we can purchase them from our farms why wouldn't they? We don't negotiate the prices with our farmers! The price is the price and we can either support them by buying and reselling their product or not.

In true transparency obviously we put a retail mark up on the flowers after we purchase them from the farm but when was the last time you saw a florist driving around in a lux car living a life of pure luxury? Where does the marked up money go? Well how about rent, tax, electricity, wages, superannuation,  insurance, petrol and much, much more. We work alot more hourd each week than your standard 9-5 job and there still aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. We work hard to provide a product we have paid a fair price to the farmer for and are passionate about doing it and isn't that how it should be?

So next time your after a gift why not order a Canberra delivery of flowers from your local florist and not the larger supermarkets.


- Skye x